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Full Agenda for the
Internet of Energy Germany 2018

Registration and welcome refreshments
Chair's Opening Remarks and IoB Welcome
Keynote Presentation

Regulatory Address: Innovation vs Regulation

In this opening address, hear from the European Commission on the changing regulatory landscape shaping innovation in the electric utility space.

Key issues discussed will include:

  • How the new ‘Clean Energy for all Europeans’ package will help put energy efficiency first, making Europe global leaders in renewables, giving a fair deal for consumers
  • How far does existing regulation go in supporting innovation?
  • What’s next - How can you future proof your IoT strategy?
  • How will GDPR affect the utility industry?

We’ll be taking questions from the floor, so don’t miss your opportunity to ask about your burning issues!

Keynote Presentation

Working Towards the ‘Energy Internet’

Recent years has seen a widespread acceptance that IoT is enabling a new intelligent grid. But how do you move from being a commodity retailer to a service provider? How do you capitalise on these new revenue opportunities, avoid disintermediation and remain ahead of the crowd? ...

... Ultimately how can IoT enable utilities not just to survive but thrive?

  • ‍Overcoming infrastructure and legacy inhibitors
  • Improving efficiency and reducing costs
  • Establishing a robust strategy for IoT success
Case Study

Connecting the Grid - Building the Infrastructure for an IoT Grid

It goes without saying that an internet enabled grid is premised on comprehensive connectivity. But do you have the robust infrastructure to support multitude of connected devices currently?

During this session we will be covering these questions and more, including:

  • ‍Determining the best connectivity solution for your project
  • Building cellular networks covering both dense urban and sparsely populated rural areas
  • Clarifying the role of embedded sims in the future of smart metering
  • Examining how to get more from your connectivity solution - from location based services to remote monitoring
Panel Discussion

Traditional Utilities vs. Challengers-innovating in an Age-old Industry

What can currently existing utilities learn from new internet-based retailers? More still, how can these new start-ups benefit from the experience and customer base of traditional suppliers?

This panel will look to untie disrupters in order to explore industry best-practice, including:  

  • Working with the value chain to establish sustainable and profitable business modes
  • Understanding the changing requirements of utility companies
  • Partner or acquire - How can these two sides work together?
Case Study

Demanding More from Demand Response (DR)

DR technologies have been incremental in enabling a new model flexibility that can better match demand with supply. But what additional revenue and services opportunities can advancements in energy management software offer for providers?

  • Leveraging EMS to control appliances and equipment for improved services
  • How can you monitor, shift, and balance load in a way that allows the customer to save peak load and not only save on kWh and kW/month but be able to trade what they have saved in an energy market?
  • Incentivising customers for long term behaviour changes via greater transparency regarding costs and usage
  • Contributing and working towards a viable trading market
Refreshments and Speed Networking

In this break-out session you will have chance to network with industry peers with designated areas for each part of the value chain (Supplier, TSO, DSO, Renewable operators).


Stream A: BUSINESS MODELS Diversifying Revenue Streams

CASE STUDY: The Opportunity of the Smart Home

The Smart home offers profound opportunity for utilities to become a more central part of consumer’s lives, as well as providing a platform for additional services. But how do you monetise this offering?

  • Competing with Google, Amazon and telco providers entering the Smart home space
  • Can the utility unify a disjointed smart home universe?
  • The opportunities and challenges of BYOD in the Smart Home


CASE STUDY: From Dumb to Smart- Retrofitting of renewables

With traditional sensors being transformed into information hubs, automatically correcting and responding to conditions, what do new smart assets mean for plant development?

  • The opportunities of two-way power flows
  • Overcoming technical issues associated with hardware/software upgrades
  • Turning IoT-generated data into actionable insight
  • Integrating asset information with other smart-grid data

Stream A

CASE STUDY: ‘Customer of Today, Generator of Tomorrow’

The rise of the ‘prosumer’ generating their own electricity is challenging the role of traditional supplier - Do you avoid disintermediation, or embrace it as a new business opportunity?

  • Incentivising customers to take a more active role in energy consumption and usage
  • Preparing for the rise of the prosumer and securing a role in the dynamic integrated grid
  • Optimising personalised FIT’s for a variety of service offerings

Stream B

CASE STUDY: Moving from Predictive to Preventative Asset Maintenance

Whilst the opportunities for improved insight on asset performance are clear, how do we take the next steps and leverage this to prevent acute failures?

  • Leveraging IoT to reduce downtime
  • Minimising risk of sudden failure
  • Maximising equipment lifetimes
  • Establishing complete visibility on asset health to prioritise work
  • Exploring how Virtual Reality is transforming operational maintenance- How will Google Glasses help?

Stream A

WORKSHOP: Establishing the ROI of selling LESS energy!

While environmental and societal benefits for a greener DER based grid are clear, the commercial case can be difficult to promote.

Join this workshop to gain insight on building the business case for investment:

  • Transiting from necessary upgrade to profit driven investment
  • Identifying and actualising new revenue streams
  • Establishing a conducive environment to support a culture of innovation

Stream B

One-to-One Business Meetings

A chance to network with industry peers in these mutually agreed and pre-arranged meetings. A valuable opportunity for educating yourself in the latest industry solutions.

Networking Lunch and One-to-One Business Meetings

Stream A

CASE STUDY: The Electrification of Heat

Heat pumps are increasingly important in securing a low-carbon future. But what are the opportunities and challenges for suppliers and distributors?

  • Changing regulation to support electrification of heat
  • Implications for existing infrastructure in HP integration
  • Understanding the potential impact of future price controls

Stream B

CASE STUDY: Drones Take Flight

Drones are arguably one of the more exciting applications for emerging technologies in the utility sector. But where are the bona fide business benefits for investment beyond a great PR piece?

  • How to process influx of drone-generates data?
  • Overcoming regulatory concerns associated with drone usage
  • Developing work-force skills to operate this modern technology

Stream A

CASE STUDY: Beyond the Original ‘Thing’ - What’s Next for the Smart Meter?

Regulatory pressures have undoubtedly accelerated wide-scale smart meter deployment. But how are advances in metering technology offering new uses and applications?

  • Exploring new service models by combining smart meters with new IoT devices such as Smart lighting, Smart Thermostats
  • Optimising edge analytics for new insights with changing data protocols
  • Investing in the necessary infrastructure to support accurate and timely readings in a range of formats
  • How can IoT make gateway administration

Stream B

CASE STUDY: Commercial Grid Scale Storage for Renewables

Storage offers many potential options in minimising concerns around reliability of renewable energy supply. This session will explore how to leverage this successfully in an IoT connected grid.

  • Determining the correct storage solution to match your project requirements
  • Building the business case for storage through careful consideration of alternative revenue streams, frequency regulation and ancillary services
  • Integrating storage with existing assets and overcoming interoperability issues
  • Increasing value of investment through secondary applications such as capacity reserve and peak shifting

Stream A

CASE STUDY: New Business Models for Behind the Meter Storage

Energy storage for residential and commercial applications is generating much interest. But how do you engage customers and encourage them to buy into new storage initiatives?

  • Incentivising customers with personalised FIT’s, and improved reliance-to-power outages
  • Developing flexible business models with ‘shared benefits’
  • Implementing sustainable relationships around PV and storage in the residential domain into VPP

Stream B

CASE STUDY: Intelligent Substations and IoT

While substation sensors have been employed for years, what constitutes the next generation ‘digital’ substation and where do the benefits lie?

  • Leveraging existing SCADA technologies to more effectively manage power supply and authorise complex decision making
  • Employing advanced algorithms for automation
  • Ensuring the flexibility to re-route power to overcome integration challenges and make a ‘fully’ digital substation

Stream A

CASE STUDY: AI and Voice Control in the Residential Domain

Smart home devices, such as Alexa are generating much consumer interest. How can electric utilities capitalise on this market trend to forge new relationships with existing customers? Whilst education can only do so much, how can AI take general efficiency to the next level?

  • Working with interfaces to enable new features
  • Supporting education with automation supplements
  • Tackling issues around social acceptance of exchanging sensitive data information

Stream B

CASE STUDY: Asset Aggregation and the Rise of the Virtual Power Plant

The multitude of smaller assets and micro-grids offers new challenges in pooling power. Join this session to understand how new providers are operating without any assets, and see how you can leverage VPP for next generation retail and distribution.

  • Working with third parties in the resale of energy
  • Negotiating and forming new power purchase agreements (PPA)
  • Working with investors on project developments
Networking and Refreshment Break

One-to-One business meetings to take place during this break

Expert Insights

Working Towards the Energy Blockchain - The Missing Link?

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have received increasing attention for their potential to unite a diverse eco-system. But what are the opportunities beyond the hype?

  • Overcoming commercial, regulatory adoption hurdles surrounding the energy blockchain
  • Developing smart contracts for P2P energy exchange
  • What can we learn from the successes and failures of blockchain in the financial services markets?
Case Study

Identifying your Next Investment – A Lesson in ‘Sustainable’ VC Investment

Investment in start-ups is a sure-fire way to ensure you remain up-to-date with the latest industry trends, and gain a competitive edge. But how do you build the organisational structure to support a culture of innovation?

  • Determining a profitable relationship from a potential disaster
  • Working towards a long-term, sustainable IoT strategy for new investment
  • Supporting an internal structure to allow an innovation culture to thrive
Interactive Case Study

Innovation Den: Start-up Showcase

Be inspired by a series of elevator pitches that will keep you at the forefront of technology advancements. Learn from the speaker-company’s agility, ambition and innovative business model.

Take part in our interactive audience vote, and help us crown our 2017 IoB winner!

17:40 - Till Late
Evening Event

IoB Mixer

A chance to network with peers over drinks canapés and a 3-course networking dinner.

Registration and welcome refreshments
Chair's Opening Remarks and IoB Welcome

Hear from a C-Level Representative Championing a Culture of Innovation at a Leading European Utility

Core topics to be covered include:

  • Establishing C-level buy in for your IoT venture
  • Competing in a world of Uber’s and ensuring market differentiation
  • Futureproofing IoT strategy to account for changes in technology, regulation and market acceptance

We will take questions from the floor for your chance to delve deeper into the life of our exec!


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced Grid-balancing Services

Advanced analytics can take automation to the next level. This session will explore saving energy with optimisation and accurately predicting demand patterns to balance the national energy system more efficiently.

  • Predicting load on the data centres’ cooling systems to control equipment more efficiently
  • Using Machine Learning to stimulate the use of electricity at off-peak times (by lowering prices) and discourage the use of electricity at peak times (by increasing prices)

Driving Innovation - Opportunities and Challenges for e-Mobility

The proliferation of electric vehicles is creating a wealth of new opportunities for electric utilities - From harnessing the potential of stationary storage, to providing stability to the grid and helping facilitate the integration of renewables.

Hear from a leading European utility-automotive alliance offering PEV owners the opportunity to sell surplus energy to grid.

  • European standardization on Plug Ins & Fast Loading
  • New Loading Stations & Grid Capacity  
  • Billing issues
  • Second-life battery applications for stationary storage

Interoperability and the Intelligent Grid

With a proliferation of smart-home devices on the market, how do you unite a diversified smart eco-system? What needs to be done to support a common language?

Hear from a leading solution provider developing a platform to enable cross-asset communication, including:

  • Integrating edge devices
  • BYOD devices and grid interoperability
  • The role of standards in supporting asset-to-asset communication

Stream A: CUSTOMER Customer-Service Models

‍CASE STUDY: What Makes a ‘Customer-centric’ utility when it comes to billing?

How will the expectations of customers change in an era of connected devices and how will your services model need to evolve alongside?

  • Implications of IoT on billing- How will electricity tariffing change?
  • How will GDPR affect relationship between supplier and customer
  • Using IoT to improve retention strategies and gain new customers
  • Social technology and promoting market acceptance

Stream B: GRID Moving Towards an Intelligent Grid

CASE STUDY: Deploying IoT for Improved Ancillary Services

IoT fundamental in frequency regulation

  • Using IoT to counter instability from renewable integration
  • Frequency regulation and IoT
  • Where does responsibility for investment lie?
  • How can differing parts of the value chain better collaborate to ensure grid stability?

Stream A

CASE STUDY: Preparing the Workforce for an Age of IoT

Modern technologies require new skills. How can you tackle the skills gap and aging work force to ensure this is not an inhibitor for innovation?

  • Attracting and developing young talent
  • Providing staff with comprehensive training
  • Equipping staff with IoT devices for improved mobility

Stream B

CASE STUDY: Keeping the Lights On - IoT and Self-Healing Grids

Building flexible and robust infrastructure to withstand outages and improve grid resiliance.

  • Network automation through isolating repair
  • Reducing down-time
  • Transitioning from human intervention to automation - What are the costs?

Stream A

CLINIC: Stadtwerke Zone

IoT offers key opportunities for regional electricity retailers who are often closer to consumers and therefore able to implement innovative ideas quicker. But why are so many Stadtwerke’s slow to innovate?

Issues explored include:

  • How does IoT make IS-U better- or will IS-U die with IoT applications?
  • How will BNetzA activities effects IoT applications for Customer Service

This expert led session will explore how to overcome barriers to IoT implementation.

Stream B

One-to-One Business Meetings

A chance to network with industry peers in these mutually agreed and pre-arranged meetings. A valuable opportunity for educating yourself in the latest industry solutions.


Stream A

CASE STUDY: B2B Consumption- Energy for industrial Customers

Industrial enterprises and facilities managers are increasingly measuring energy saving in the industrial sector- How can the utility help?

  • Proliferation of new services for industrial companies
  • Role of aggregators and how best to partner
  • Incentivising with significant cost savings and transparency
  • Reducing downtime during installation

Stream B

ASSET STUDY: How IoT can improve the Portfolio management?

Grid companies are increasingly being forced to pay for extra expensive energy when less energy comes in their grids than consumers are taking

How can IoT help here to lower costs?


The (in)security of the Internet of Things

Intelligent grids create a vast array of new points of potential security breach. From the grid edge to the hub, how can you secure your network to protect against breeches?

  • Protecting sensitive customer information
  • Securing the network to prevent outages
  • Defending physical locations - Tackling the rise of physical-access breeches at distributed sites
  • Using ‘off-the shelf’ hardware and software securely


Extracting Insight from IoT-generated Data

The importance of BIG Data for improved insights has been widely documented; but how do you decipher actionable insights and further still, monetise this information?

  • Integrating multiple data sources for improved insight
  • Operating within the parameters of existing data regulation
  • How much data is too much data – Deciphering between white noise and genuine value-add

Breaking the Energy Silo

Whilst focus inevitably lies in industry-specific applications - what happens when electricity players try to break their traditional boundaries? What opportunities are there when silos merge?

  • Working with key players, regulators and technology companies to find profitable and sustainable models
  • Leveraging your existing customer base for new ‘smart city services’
  • Working with other industries - including Telco’s and automotive entering the electricity space - for mutually beneficial strategy.