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Full Agenda for the
Internet of Energy 2018

Opening Remarks from Chair

In this opening address, hear from the European Commission on the changing regulatory

landscape shaping innovation in the electric utility space.

Key issues discussed will include:

• How can the Internet of Energy boost utility profitability and empower consumers?

• How the new ‘Clean Energy for all Europeans’ package will help to put consumers in the

centre of the equation?

• How far does the new energy framework go in supporting digital innovation?

• What’s next - How can you future proof your IoT strategy?


Manuel Sanchez, Team Leader Smart Grids, DG Energy European Commission

Rolf Riemenschneider, Head of IoT Unit, DG Connect European Commission


Working towards grid Interoperability

• Working across the ecosystem and across industry silos

• Building for the future ecosystem

Speaker to be announced

PANEL DISCUSSION: Traditional Utilities vs. Challengers-innovating in an Age-old Industry

What can currently existing utilities learn from new internet-based retailers? More

still, how can these new start-ups benefit from the experience and customer base of

traditional suppliers?

This panel will look to untie disrupters in order to explore industry best-practice, including:

• Working with the value chain to establish sustainable and profitable business modes

• Understanding the changing requirements of utility companies

• Partner or acquire - How can these two sides work together?


Moderator: Maher Chebbo, President, ESMIG

Michael Villa, Senior Policy Adviser, smartEn

Pierre Bernard, CEO & Chairman, Friends of the Supergrid (FOSG)

Stanislas D’Herbemont, Project Manager,

Andreas Pfeiffer, Global Head of E-mobility, E.ON

Networking Break
CASE STUDY: Bringing Flexibility to the energy market through VPP

The multitude of smaller assets and micro-grids offers new challenges in pooling power.

Join this session to understand how new providers are operating without any assets, and

see how you can leverage VPP for next generation retail and distribution.

• Working with third parties in the resale of energy

• Negotiating and forming new power purchase agreements (PPA)

• Working with investors on project developments

Heli Antila, CTO, Fortum


Title TBC

Frédéric Gastaldo, Co-founder & CEO, Swisscom Energy Solutions AG


STREAM A: Business models and diversifying revenue streams 

Case Study: The Opportunity of the Smart Home

 The Smart home offers profound opportunity for utilities to become a more central part of consumer’s lives, as well as providing a platform for additional services. But how do you monetise this offering?

• Competing with Google, Amazon and telco providers entering the Smart home space

• Can the utility unify a disjointed smarthome universe?

• The opportunities and challenges of BYOD in the Smart Home

Fonger Ypma, Head of Smart Energy Lab, Eneco Smart Energy

STREAM B:  Internet of Renewable Assets

Case Study: Moving from Predictive to Preventative Asset Maintenance

Whilst the opportunities for improved insight on asset performance are clear, how do we take the next steps and leverage this to prevent acute failures?

• Leveraging IoT to reduce downtime

• Minimising risk of sudden failure

• Maximising equipment lifetimes

• Establishing complete visibility on asset health to prioritise work

• Exploring how Virtual Reality is transforming operational maintenance

• How will Google Glasses help? 

Speaker tbc



Case Study: ‘Customer of Today, Generator of Tomorrow’

 The rise of the ‘prosumer’ generating their own electricity is challenging the role of traditional supplier - Do you avoid disintermediation, or embrace it as a new business opportunity?

• Incentivising customers to take a more active role in energy consumption and usage

• Preparing for the rise of the prosumer and securing a role in the dynamic integrated grid

• Optimising personalised FIT’s for a variety of service offerings

 Niko Harig, Lawyer, Engeriegewinner


Case Study: Commercial Grid Scale Storage for Renewables

 Storage offers many potential options in minimising concerns around reliability of renewable energy supply. This session will explore how to leverage this successfully in an IoT connected grid.

• Determining the correct storage solution to match your project requirements

• Building the business case for storage through careful consideration of alternative revenue streams, frequency regulation and ancillary services

• Integrating storage with existing assets and overcoming interoperability issues

• Increasing value of investment through secondary applications such as capacity reserve and peak shifting

 Martin Neubert, Senior Vice President CSO, DONG Energy Wind Power



Delivering the Future of Energy Solutions: Now!

A case study examining how EDP has embraced IoT innovation and develop their smart home strategy …

- EDP SmartHome has built on their leadership role in every main field of the new energy downstream business: Solar; Smart Energy Management, Electric Mobility and Storage, in order to develop the digital platform EDP re:dy (at the core of EDP SmartHome)

- This presentation will showcase “EDP re.dy” as EDP’s patented home’s energy management solution providing an effective interface for energy generation, storage, consumption and remote control for residential clients. EDP re:dy is a market pioneer and it has been recognized at a national and international level

José Queirós de Almeida, Smarthome Director, EDP


Case Study: “Production follows demand” to “demand follows production”

Decarbonisation requires optimum use of all renewable resources and technologies that will be available in the coming years. With the appearance of renewable accounting for 60 to 80% of our power production, we will have to operate a complete paradigm shift from “Production follows demand” to “demand follows production”. This case study will provide an overview of the necessary steps to make this shift a reality.

Alexandre Torreele, Head of Strategy and Innovation, ELIA

LUNCH | 1 - 2 - 1 MEETINGS

Enabling the SmartGrids Transformation and Benefits with Digital Solutions

SmartGrids are at the heart of the Digital Energy transformation. What is the role of Industrial IoT in transforming the Energy Landscape to become more predictable? What use cases can provide concrete value and benefits? And what benefits can industry, society and customers expect?

Maher Chebbo, Chief Innovation Officer, Global Digital Energy Innovations, GE



PRESENTATION: Smart Grids for a Smart City – The Berlin Example

 The city of Berlin is considered as one of the main load centers in Eastern Germany, a region ranking among the top producers of wind energy in Germany. However, even within Berlin the number of decentralized power generation units continues to increase. At the same time, Berlin faces the need to integrate a rising number of electric vehicles, storage systems and flexible loads. This situation demands for smart grids for electricity, heat and gas making use of the new technical opportunities. Therefore, the large-scale model project WindNODE has been started

in and around Berlin to demonstrate how a truly digitalized energy system needs to be designed, implemented and operated. It will contribute to the aim of becoming a climate neutral city in the future.

Wolfgang Korek, Head of Energy Technologies, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology


Session tbc

Bruno Schmidt. Industry Manager Power & Utilities Microsoft 



INTERACTIVE SESSION: Stadtwerke Zone: Sales & Customer Service

How to meet customer’s digital expectations? IoT applications are changing massively Customer Expectations in any parts of Life. The big question is how Stadtwerke can handle these upcoming expectations with products & services competing in the emerging Smart Home market. This session will explore managing digital transformation & upcoming privacy issues in sales & customer services.

Bernd Mielke, Sales Strategy, ENERVIE AG


WORKSHOP: Digitisation of transformers – a closer look at sensitive points

 This session will outline the critical role transformers and the applications for your business.

• Using transformer online data enabled by IoT

• Interaction with decentral production for use of additional contextual information

• Effective interconnection of ICT-systems

Bernd Nordieker, Senior Advisor to the CEO, Swiss Grid



Identifying your Next Investment – A Lesson in ‘Sustainable’ VC Investment


Investment in start-ups is a sure-fire way to ensure you remain up-to-date with the latest industry trends, and gain a competitive edge. But how do you build the organisational structure to support a culture of innovation?

• Determining a profitable relationship from a potential disaster

• Working towards a long-term, sustainable IoT strategy for new investment

• Supporting an internal structure to allow an innovation culture to thrive

Diego Diaz Pilas, Head of New Ventures and Technology Prospects, Iberdrola                                                


Case Study: Drones Take Flight

Speaker to be announced

Networking Break


CASE STUDY: IoT meets Smart Metering: Technology driven Go’s & No Go’s in a new Application Field

 This presentation will focus on technical Aspects of IoT technology in the upcoming Smart Meter Roll out in Germany.

• Understating differing interfaces of Smart Metering to market partners

• Examining individual market role in choosing the right technology provider and incorporating Smart Meters into the regional Grids

• Exploring Customer’s Interfaces regarding Smart Home & Smart energy apps solutions and explaining the important role of BSI as leading certification Authority in Germany

 Jörg Reuschel, Head of Engineering Metering, Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH Car Case Study


EXPERT LED: The (in)security of the Internet of Things

Speaker to be announced

case study

Beyond the “Roll Out”: What’s Next for the Smart Meter?

Regulatory pressures have undoubtedly accelerated wide-scale smart meter deployment.

But how are advances in metering technology offering new uses and applications?

The session will share some experiences from the upcoming SM Roll out in Berlin and offer takeaways looking forward to emerging choices & challenges.

Thomas Rütting, Head of Smart Metering, Stromnetz Berlin, A Vattenfall Company


Start-up Showcase

Be inspired by a series of elevator pitches that will keep you at the forefront of technology

advancements. Learn from the speaker-company’s agility, ambition and innovative business


Take part in our interactive audience vote, and help us crown our 2017 IoB winner!

Chair: Anna Dimitrova, Advisor of Energy Policy and Innovation, Eurelectric

Philipp Sacherow, Head of Innovation, Stadtwerke Krehfeld AG (SWK AG)

Wolfgang Korek, Head of Energy Technologies, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

Bernd Mielke, Sales Strategy, Enervie Group

Alexander Küppers, Investment Manager, Statkraft

Closing Remarks from Chair
Evening entertainment and networking drinks
End of Day One
Opening Remarks from Chair

Making Insights work for the Internet of Energy

 The importance of BIG data for improved insights is widely discussed. But how do you decipher actionable insights for real-life value in facilitating the energy transition?

• Integrating Data & Insights in the Digital Roadmap in and beyond Alliander

• Deciphering real-life value within the parameters of existing data regulation

• How much data is too much data – establishing between noise and value add

 Jeroen Scheer, CTO, Alliander


The innogy journey: moving from electrons to data and platforms

 • Digital technologies are exponentially changing industries including the energy sector

• The energy sector needs to embrace this and start adopting these technologies

• Digitisation also brings an exponential growth in data which we need to put to use for us

• Learn how innogy deals with this and drives its digital transformation

 Kuldip Singh, Digital Director, Innogy Retail

fLEXCoop H2020 project

How can renewable energy cooperatives (REScoops) make a difference in the Demand Response market?

 • FLEXCoop: Tools to enable REScoops to take the role of aggregator (project and solution proposed)

• Business scenarios: The added value of REScoops in the smart energy services environnent (possible medium and long term business development)

Roland Tual, Project Manager

Networking Break


New Customer Services with Artificial Intelligence

 In times of digitalization, municipal utilities have to reinvent themselves in order to meet the customer’s increased demand for online services. The Expert will give an overview on how to implement Artificial Intelligence into this process and what has to be considered in the project planning phase. Moreover he gives an overview over the different types of online services.

Philipp Sacherow, Innovation Manager, SWK Stadtwerke Krefeld AG


Case Study: The future energy innovation- how H2020 supports new energy models

 This session will explore the success and failures from the H2020 projects across Europe.

• Post H2020- What’s next?

• What can be learnt from the current stage projects?

Magdalena-Andreea Strachinescu- Olteanu, Head of Unit New Energy technologies, Innovation and Clean Coal,DG Energy European Commission



Smart Powerline Communications ipv6 for Smart Meter Roll Out - Ready to Work

IPV6 becomes a smart option for GWA receiving and transmitting metering data via powerline from customers to all marketpartners. Furthermore this solution offers new possibilities in customer profiling, supporting Customer Services Department and delivering input for developing new digital energy products. The expert will show how IPV6 PLC works, what security

Impacts are necessary (or included?) and what specific Actions are incorporated in the upcoming Smart Meter Roll Out. 

Daniel Rohrmoser, Project Manager Smart Metering PLC, Salzburg AG


CASE STUDY: Preparing the Workforce for an Age of IoT

Speaker to be announced



CASE STUDY: Breaking the Energy Silo and new ancillary services

 Whilst focus inevitably lies in industry specific applications - what happens when electricity players try to break their traditional boundaries? What opportunities are there when silos merge?

• Working with key players, regulators and technology companies to find profitable and sustainable models

• Leveraging your existing customer base for new ‘smart city services’

• Working with other industries - including Telco’s and automotive entering the electricity space - for mutually beneficial strategy.

 Robert Thomann, Innovation Manager, MVV


ASSET STUDY: How IoT can improve the Portfolio management?

Speaker to be announced

roundtable discussions

 Your chance to discuss and debate the latest IoT trends with our key sponsors and speakers

Roundtable Hosts to include:

Maher Chebbo, Chief Innovation Officer, Global Digital Energy Innovations, GE

Bruno Schmidt. Industry Manager Power & Utilities Microsoft

More to be announced


EXPERT INSIGHTS: Working Towards the Energy Blockchain - The Missing Link?

 Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have received increasing attention for their potential to unite a diverse eco-system. But what are the opportunities beyond the hype?

• Overcoming commercial, regulatory adoption hurdles surrounding the energy blockchain

• Developing smart contracts for P2P energy exchange

• What can we learn from the successes and failures of blockchain in the financial services markets?

Gerhard Gamperl. Director of Strategy, Corporate Development and Innovation, Verbund

Diego Dalcanto, Innovation Project Manager, Enel


Efficient Charging & Billing for E-Mobility

Axel Lauterborn, Head of Corporate Development, Rheinenergie AG


Proof of concept for Super Smart Meter

Effectively solving issues with the current smart meters that aren’t living up to the expectations

Stefan Grosjean, CEO, Smappee

Networking Break
panel discussion

Driving Innovation - Opportunities and Challenges for E-Mobility

 The proliferation of electric vehicles is creating a wealth of new opportunities for electric

utilities - From harnessing the potential of stationary storage, to providing stability to the grid and helping facilitate the integration of renewables.

Hear from a leading European utility-automotive alliance offering PEV owners the opportunity to sell surplus energy to grid.

• European standardisation on Plug Ins & Fast Loading

• New Loading Stations & Grid Capacity

• Billing issues

• Second-life battery applications for stationary storage

Axel Lauterborn, Head of Corporate Development, Rheinenergie AG

Christian Hahn, CEO, Hubject


A paradox of the energy transition: towards an increased role of energy networks in a distributed world

 How we are going towards a coexistence of decentralized energy (e.g. with microgrids for remote areas) and centralized energy, with networks even taking an additional dimension with the convergence of heating, cooling and power networks; how energy must increasingly be addressed jointly with other “verticals” / other utilities to reach an economic optimum and mutualize infrastructure whenever

Benichou Bertrand, Head of Strategy and Partnership, Engie **

Closing Remarks from Chair
End of Day Two